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Publishing an electronic book doesn’t cost a lot of money but can go a long way in promoting a product, a company or a service, as well as be used for a number of other purposes. However, most online writing services don’t work on ebooks, which makes finding a potential author difficult. However, WebThePensters is one of the few companies that don’t shy away from such work.

Our Ebooks Writing Service Stands Ready

If you need an ebook writer who will create an electronic book from scratch as per your instructions, you needn’t go further than WebThePensters!

Your Problem Our Solution
You provide technical books on subscription but can’t keep up with it. Our agency have numerous writers with sufficient technical knowledge.
You need to publish a series of books in a consistent style. You may assign a particular author to write as many projects as you like.
You need to create a library of books written in perfectly natural English. ENL writers are available if you so specify.
You need a book not only to be written, but also formatted and its layout prepared. Among our employees you are sure to find a formatter to meet your requirements. You can hire a copywriter on your own to choose the best one. Post the jobs and wait for the bids.
You have very little time at your disposal. Our writers are known for their ability to work quickly and efficiently.

Any publisher of electronic books suddenly short on an author can find solace and assistance at WebThePensters – size, topic and deadline don’t matter. You have a problem – we will solve it.

Also, feel free to place an order to get an article, creative essay, academic paper, outsource freelance writers or fulfill your business blog with great content with SEO keywords, etc. You may ask our ghostwriters to provide proofreading for you, write bullet-proof resume and improve your own writing skills. Any writing help that you’ve wanted and ever imagined on our website.

We have huge experience in ghostwriting. Order qualified copywriting from us!

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Why WebThePensters Is Ideal for Creating Electronic Books?

If you take a look at the majority of good writing services, you will see that they share a typical set of features:

  • Being online 24/7;
  • Speed and efficiency;
  • Revisions and refunds when they are called for;
  • Installment-based payments for larger projects;
  • Firm stance against plagiarism;
  • Secure payment transactions.

WebThePensters retains all these features and adds a number of perks of its own:

  • You make your own choice when selecting a contractor for creation of your ebook.
  • After you’ve chosen a writer, you can discuss the project with him without any limitations.
  • It is your money, and only you can decide when the book no longer needs polishing.
  • We won’t charge you an arm and a leg for our work.
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How We Work on Your Orders

As a client, you have a right to know how we write the texts we are selling, so let us describe our work procedure.

Your Order
Get Bids
From Writers
Your Writer
Your Order

Step 1. You place an order, e.g., a book on marketing.

Step 2. Our best specialists on the topic read your assignment and place their bids on it.

Step 3. You look at what they have to offer, compare their track records and choose the writer who impresses you most.

The whole process doesn’t take much time and allows you to find the most suitable contractor.

Still worried? Read our additional guarantees.

  1. Our writers are not just some random people. To start working for WebThePensters, people have to pass a number of tests, show their knowledge of English and good writing style. Only after that they are allowed to take part in making ebooks for clients.
  2. Dynamic system of writer evaluation. Each writer has a publicly visible rating based on how they were graded by previous customers for their performance – which means that you can easily see if this or that writer is trustworthy.

Publishers providing ebooks by subscriptions or just entrepreneurs trying to use them for promotion, we make no distinction among our clients – we treat all of them as equally important and do our best to provide the best possible service. Place an order right now and see for yourself!

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