A significant advantage of our service is that we cooperate with the writing specialists who create high quality content in various areas. Generally, several writers offer their bids to complete your order. To help you make the right choice, we gladly provide a system of rating and awards of our writers. On one hand, it reflects our customers’ opinions about our writing specialists and the work they do. On the other hand, we utilize the system to showcase our writers’ professional achievements.

Consider the table provided below to find out more information about what each award means. We offer a detailed explanation of how the rating of each writer is calculated.


The rating of each writer is calculated on the basis of a personal grade

Each writer receives grades for completing orders from customers. A personal rating is based on an average grade.

We encourage our customers to provide feedback on their experiences. This helps us rate our writers and to determine whether we were successful to addressing customer needs and expectations. Thus, after the order is completed, the customer approves it, provides the payment, and rates the writer. A rating is the average grade the writer receives from all customers for the writing service delivered. The personal rating of every writer varies from 1 to 10 and usually includes comments. The information about rates and awards of our writers can help a customer to decide whether a particular specialist is suitable for designing custom content for that customer.

The page Our Top Writers contains information about our best writing specialists, their nicknames, ratings and awards, and the number of orders they completed. In addition, you can find out whether or not the writer is available. We update this information with every new order completed by our service.


Our awards system aims to praise writers with excellent writing skills, creative thinking and the ability to meet custom expectations in a timely manner. A writer can receive the same kind of award more than once. It's a great way to confirm professional competence and to inspire our writers towards further achievements in content writing. Our website also contains information on how often a particular writer receives an award.

The system of awards at our company is specially designed to reflect the writing achievements and abilities of different authors.

New writers can earn the award called the Newcomer of the Month if they complete a certain number of orders and receive positive feedback from customers during the first month of their work with our service.

The Customer Loyalty award is given to the writer whose number of returning customers increases by 20%.

The Writer of the Month award goes to the author who receives positive feedback, an increasing number of returning customers, and who completes and deliver orders on time, and so forth.

The Proven Reliability award goes to the writing specialist whose average writing rate is 8.0 or greater and whose finished orders within the last 30 days is equal to 15 or more. The index of the orders canceled either by the writer or by customers is 3% or less.

The writer who completes more than 15 orders during the period of 30 days, delivers 80% of them on time and has gained an overall rate of at least 8.0 is likely to earn the award, Proven Punctuality.

The Nine Plus award is granted to a writing specialist who successfully completes more than 5 content orders and whose current rating is at 9.0 or more.

The writing specialist who can complete 10 orders in 10 days and achieve the highest rating possible for the work completed (10 out of 10) is honored with the Triple Ten award.

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